We are proud to announce the upcoming release of our new game Bunny Run.

Jump past cars, hurdle trains, and fly past boats in this dynamic arcade romp today!

Download Bunny Run and discover how this visually stunning, intensely addicting survival action extravaganza can help put the punch back in your day right now!

Bunny Run is a wildly addicting new arcade gaming experience that takes a fresh spin on “run & dodge” arcade action. Think Frogger-esque action with a vibrantly dynamic twist, endless gameplay, and graphics that flow as smoothly as the gameplay itself. Thats Bunny Run in a nutshell.

The game is simple: You take the reigns of a cute n’ cuddly white bunny – and this bunny wants to keep going and going! Its up to you to keep him going forward, navigating safely across busy railroads, regular roads, and rivers!

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